ZitsTrot convergence



It’s always so odd when this happens.

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Hey, Saturday


For God’s sake, Mary, let the man move in before you start to meddlize him.


Uh oh, when LuAnn gives a guy another chance, it usually ends up in a near matrimonial experience. Run, Mr. Downey, run far away and fast. Transfer to the George V in Paris or something, but do it now.


Sunny has good hair.


Just shut up, Jermey, just shut the fuck up. Bullwinkle and Red Skelton were among the greatest comedic geniuses of the American 20th century. They should be taught in every High School in America, you little creep. Honestly, how do Connie and whatzhisname stand it?

Moon Maid!

Fine. Would you get off her now?

Don’t rush into anything, Dawn. Moping withdrawal can be brutal.

I just adore Margo’s ‘kill me now’ look.

Connie and Walt are way too nice to their kid.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! It’s the Moon Maid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fashion Agony

So, Mary, on Sunday you were agonizing over what to wear:

And this is what you went with?

Man, you and Apartment 3G really need new artists if only to spruce up your wardrobes. Maybe Brook McE could help you both out:

Well, okay, maybe not.

And speaking of the unspeakable:

I thought jammies as daywear were the exclusive domain of Chinese grandfathers in Los Angeles. Young people today…sigh.

Devil Night Day Agony

What does it mean when I have to read a comic three times to get it? I wonder.

Wow, Margo looks like she wants to eat Lu Ann’s soul more than usual. Are those fangs on Tommie? Gee, now I almost want this wedding to happen. Also, could Margo’s neckline decide if it’s a mock turtleneck or not? Thank you.

Jesus, here’s another one I had to read three times to figure out. What the hell is wrong with me?

Oh my God, that’s horrible. I should stop laughing very soon.

Are we done with this stupid story yet? I guess I should just be glad Gina and Bobby didn’t move into Santa Royale. Gah!