Sluggy Freelance makes me misty again

Is it wrong to cry a little about a webcomic? I wonder. I hope we see Oasis again; over the years she’s gone from victim to villian to hero to villian and back to hero, where I hope she stays. She’s become an amazing character over the years, and I don’t think I knew how much I liked her until this strip:

Bye, Oasis.

If you’re not reading Sluggy Freelance, you’re missing a treat and a relationship: it is ever more and more awesomer and awesomer. Happy new year, Pete et al. I hope 2019 is everthing you could possibly want it to be or better than that.

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Today’s struggle

Today’s Sluggy Freelance

If Riff and Rammer stay like that much longer, they’re going to have to announce their engagement sooner than later.

Heh heh heh. Batman and Robin are also going to have to announce their engagement sooner than later.

Today’s 9 Chickweek Lane

We are either about to be treated to America’s first gay smooch in the comics pages of major newspapers, or America’s first gay bashing in the pages of major newspapers, or days and days of Seth and Mark annoying the fuck out of me.

Today’s Apartment 3G

As I recall, most men propose with a ring, not a piece of paper. By the way, I liked Margo’s makeover look better. I think she could hook a cooler guy if she kept straightening her hair.

I also think newspaper comics are not for little kids and that if newspapers would like to ensure their survival, they’d make a daily insert of comics and news for kids under 13. Yes, It’s a stupid idea, but newspapers are in a stupid position because most people started reading newspapers when some kindly adult read us the funnies. And I wouldn’t read these funnies to my 8 year old, if I had one.

Full disclosure: Alas, in my case hard-core newspaper reading didn’t stick. I like reading newspapers, I just hate newsprint on my hands.