Shorthand for sex in 9 Chickweed Lane

So, these two

had a fling, but Seth used to be gay and he’s been trying to get over Fernanda, but they have to do this sexy dancing together as part of their job.


So, Seth tries again

and fails.

(Incidentally, this confirms for me that Brooke McEldowney has officially become a dirty old man and no longer the brave and trail-blazing cartoonist he used to be when he introduced Seth and Mark to the faithful and diligent newspaper comics readers of America. Yes, all 3,000 of them except for readers of the papers that have dumped this strip for either being too boring or too sexy or both, which seem mutually exclusive, but happens a lot lately in 9 Chickweed Lane.)

Good thing Seth’s boyfriend, Mark, broke up with him. Mark is too good for a wishy-washy jerk like Seth.

In other news, this strip has gone over the 60% annoying mark for me, so I’m not sure I’ll keep reading it. I mean, I only read newspaper comics for fun.