When did Brooke McEldowney start hating women so much?

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I wonder. I mean, Brooke, if you don’t approve of abortions, don’t get one.

I also wonder when I’ll start liking this strip again. I’ve only been reading it for 15 years and I hope this is its nadir or something.

Wow, Brooke, way to be supportive of a woman’s 21st century right to her own body

Puritanical guilt trip from Brooke McEldonwey via the gay boi anyone?

No woman wants an abortion and it is never undertaken lightly. Or dismissed as lightly as Edda has just dismissed it. Of course this all just your male privileged ballerina wet dream, but you must not read the papers, or even Doonesbury, if you don’t know there’s a war on women and you just showed us all which side you’re on.

Maybe there’s a 3rd way

Or even a 4th or 5th way.

But if not, then I vote for the second idea. I think Juliette might be able to get the anger management courses and other therapy she so obviously needs if she went to prison for 20-30 years for killing Amos. It only seems right to me. I’m sure Edda would get over it eventually. I mean, she’ll be raising that baby all alone on ADFC or whatever it’s called now, her ballet career tanked, shunned by everyone, old before her time. So there IS something to look forward to!

Devil Night Day Agony

What does it mean when I have to read a comic three times to get it? I wonder.

Wow, Margo looks like she wants to eat Lu Ann’s soul more than usual. Are those fangs on Tommie? Gee, now I almost want this wedding to happen. Also, could Margo’s neckline decide if it’s a mock turtleneck or not? Thank you.

Jesus, here’s another one I had to read three times to figure out. What the hell is wrong with me?

Oh my God, that’s horrible. I should stop laughing very soon.

Are we done with this stupid story yet? I guess I should just be glad Gina and Bobby didn’t move into Santa Royale. Gah!