Pibgorn’s Casablanca trope

So, Pibgorn is doing a Casablanca riff, where the genie, who bears, I think, a noticeable resemblance to Brook M, has met Dru, who got sucked into his universe against her will (Pib is there somehow, too), and now they’re suddenly a transmogrified Rick and Elsa (except Dru never plays by the rules). Anyway, somehow the nice mermaid, Meerfrau, who’s kind of in love with the genie got stuck being Sam, and now my little mind is whirling whirling whirling:


Am I late to the party or was Sam always a little in love with Rick? I wonder.

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Pibgorn agonistes

I think the argument that a creator is sometimes too close to his/her creation to see it clearly is valid since Brooke just made it with this silly essay on why it’s not true for him.

I’ll be glad when a real new story line starts in Pibgorn because I enjoyed this one when it was new a few years ago, but the commentary is boring and annoying me. Yes, I could stop reading it, but I might miss something.

Drusilla as a mother

Drusilla as a mother…I like it.

Okay, I know the continuity on Pibgorn is years and years, but the blue chick, Henmellyn, is the succubus Drusilla’s long lost daughter. Drusilla annoyed a demon, Orlando Pick, and he used her blood and her lovers blood and made a demon baby girl (Henmellyn) and then used her to try to kill Drusilla. Of course that didn’t work, but it was a good story. Here’s the Pibgorn Tribute site and of course Wikipedia if you’re that interested. You can also read the essays at the top of the sidebar if you have absolutely nothing else to do with your valuable time.

No more sick comments on Pibgorn

“Universal UClick announced Thursday that it has decided, in partnership with the artist, to remove the feature’s online comments section due to the “mature” nature of the conversation.

“‘The Pibgorn comments sections have long presented a prickly issue,’ the syndicate writes. ‘The atmosphere was at odds with both Brooke’s intentions in creating and displaying his art, and with our goals for the GoComics community. It was a problem with no easy solution.'”
‘PIBGORN’: McEldowney & Universal UClick remove comments section, by Michael Cavna, Washington Post, December 10, 2010

I rejoice, of course.