Devil Night Day Agony

What does it mean when I have to read a comic three times to get it? I wonder.

Wow, Margo looks like she wants to eat Lu Ann’s soul more than usual. Are those fangs on Tommie? Gee, now I almost want this wedding to happen. Also, could Margo’s neckline decide if it’s a mock turtleneck or not? Thank you.

Jesus, here’s another one I had to read three times to figure out. What the hell is wrong with me?

Oh my God, that’s horrible. I should stop laughing very soon.

Are we done with this stupid story yet? I guess I should just be glad Gina and Bobby didn’t move into Santa Royale. Gah!

Today’s Agonistes

Toldja so, didn’t I, Jill?

Y’know, I was telling a co-worker that this is how crocs and gators kill the things they eat (after they store them underwater to rot so they can swallow them because those big teeth are not so good for chewing, but good for tearing) and I don’t think she really believed me.

The “Big Nate” comic strip replaces “9 Chickweed Lane.” We have received continual complaints about the latter comic’s sexually oriented storylines and images.

Funny that. Big Nate sounds like a porn flick and 9 Chickweed Lane sounds like a children’s book.

Thank God I only read a very select group of comics.