Happy (as possible) New Year

Even Jumpstart is starting…


Clickety-click for bigger-de-big

And, as we careen into 2017, Nov 9, 2016 is still with us, as I suspect it will be for quite a while.

Happy New Year everyone, or as happy as possible.

Context for those who don’t read Jumpstart, one of the sweetest comics I read: Ray Ramsey is an ex-con who was a mugger and considered irredeemable by the police characters in the strip. Officer Joe Cobb, the shocked guy in the last panel, was/is one of those police characters. However, over the past year or more of this comic strip, Ray’s life has slowly been turning around, and it’s been a pleasure to watch. So be shocked, Joe; it’s fun! And, yeah, I was shocked on November 9, too, alas.

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Hey, Saturday


For God’s sake, Mary, let the man move in before you start to meddlize him.


Uh oh, when LuAnn gives a guy another chance, it usually ends up in a near matrimonial experience. Run, Mr. Downey, run far away and fast. Transfer to the George V in Paris or something, but do it now.


Sunny has good hair.


Just shut up, Jermey, just shut the fuck up. Bullwinkle and Red Skelton were among the greatest comedic geniuses of the American 20th century. They should be taught in every High School in America, you little creep. Honestly, how do Connie and whatzhisname stand it?