Margo to the rescue… or not


You know I love my Margo, but she’s the last person Tommie needs now that The Love of Tommie’s Life has died in a plane crash. There should be some kind of warning on Apt 3G girls that they can cause death or serious psychological injury. The only guys that seem to escape the Reaper are the ones Lu Ann dates, and not all of them either. Ah well, poor Tommie. And poor us — I thought this might be some clever way to get her out of the strip and get someone more exciting in it, like Edda Burber from 9 Chickweed Lane. But that might be Amos’ death sentence. Oh well, all for art. Or something.

What is Margo trying to accomplish here?


She can’t possibly think LuAnn doesn’t need sprucing up. So what’s her game? Keep LuAnn from looking better than her? Creating a rift between LuAnn and Gov. Ego? Or, the most frightening possibility of all… she’s being a good and supportive friend to LuAnn. Oh, dear God, no… no… This kind of thing could lead to Margo becoming the next Mary Worth. Come back to the raft, Margo, honey, lest we forget:

IKnowEverything and LuAnnYouDontUnderstandAnything