Hey, Saturday


For God’s sake, Mary, let the man move in before you start to meddlize him.


Uh oh, when LuAnn gives a guy another chance, it usually ends up in a near matrimonial experience. Run, Mr. Downey, run far away and fast. Transfer to the George V in Paris or something, but do it now.


Sunny has good hair.


Just shut up, Jermey, just shut the fuck up. Bullwinkle and Red Skelton were among the greatest comedic geniuses of the American 20th century. They should be taught in every High School in America, you little creep. Honestly, how do Connie and whatzhisname stand it?

Catching up, not catching fire


Oh, great is this going to be another high pressure proposal for LuAnn? She needs to meet better guys and Marty better call with an SOS PDQ.

Is that woman behind Mary’s left shoulder wearing the same dress as LuAnn? If so, there’ll be trouble in the Big Apple tonight.


Wow, Dick Tracy has a daughter who looks nothing like him. Christmas Early looks more like him than his kids, well, the ones I’ve seen. Are they all adopted?

What is Margo trying to accomplish here?


She can’t possibly think LuAnn doesn’t need sprucing up. So what’s her game? Keep LuAnn from looking better than her? Creating a rift between LuAnn and Gov. Ego? Or, the most frightening possibility of all… she’s being a good and supportive friend to LuAnn. Oh, dear God, no… no… This kind of thing could lead to Margo becoming the next Mary Worth. Come back to the raft, Margo, honey, lest we forget:

IKnowEverything and LuAnnYouDontUnderstandAnything

Gregg Cooper – quick change artist

Huh? Wasn’t Gregg wearing a brown jacket in Margo’s office for the meeting?

And now at lunch, which is presumably immediately after the meeting, it’s blue?

And he appears to be trying to pick up LuAnn.

I mean, first the appearing necktie, which appears to be a different color in the restaurant, and now this? Does he have a wardrobe department that follows him around? Or do they just not care at Apt 3G editorial? Meh.

Today’s agony

Aw, c’mon Margo, let the guy have lunch with you and Ari and Luann, wherever she is (she was there a minute ago). I mean, he even manifested a necktie for you. Or maybe it’s for the professor. Hm.

See, he wasn’t wearing one mere moments, in A3G time, ago.

Yesterday, Dawn was strapless, then she had one strap in panel 2.

Today she has straps. Yeah, I know, who cares? Obviously not the artist.

Ooooh, Dick Tracy team…

What a tease!

Finally. And who cares? For those of you too sensible to be following the least romantic pairing in comics, the reason Amos is laying on Edda on stage is because the only way he could figure out to get into the theater was to sneak into the cello section and then be tossed onto the stage by two hunky balletomanes (I think that’s the right word; the internet failed me) and fell on Edda. Yeah, who cares? Well, some LA Times readers care more than I do. 9 Chickweed Lane’: Some readers not laughing. Oooh, some of the comments are scathing.