Apartment 3G deathwatch: day 2 of 6

Apartment 3G deathwatch because I can’t go through this alone. We’ve got 4 days of a formerly great soap comic, let’s see how horrible it can get.

Day 2: Really? They’re wasting time on a wedding no one sane cares about? Really? Oh, ignoble death, blah blah blah.
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Tommie Returns

And she’s engaged.


This blows LuAnn’s tiny mind all to smithereens.


I wonder if “Big Ben” is code for something. Anyway. This man’s name annoys me; it sounds like an alias.


Jesus, LuAnn, calm down and shut up already. Margo probably has someone in mind to rent Tommie’s room sooner than later. Also, did Margo just teleport into the middle of the second panel? How creepy. And where’s the Professor? Looking for a gag for LuAnn? I certainly hope so.

This can’t end well. Tommie hasn’t known Mr. Alias long enough. Or maybe the author is trying to get Tommie out of the strip. That could end well; it’s not like anyone missed her for the 10 or 11 months she was gone. Is there a Tommie fan club out there willing to mount a Save Tommie campaign? Yes? Well, IS THERE?

Thank God for cell phones


Heh heh heh. This seems to happen to LuAnn a lot.

Weird, no?

Although Paul Linksy was only proposing in front of his whole family at a bar-b-que, so probably there weren’t members of the press and political rivals in the audience. Alas, there was no escape for LuAnn that day and we all endured over a year of the awkward and stupid engagement. LuAnn really should do something very very nice for Marty for rescuing her dumb ass from another wacky proposal from another nutbar man.

Catching up, not catching fire


Oh, great is this going to be another high pressure proposal for LuAnn? She needs to meet better guys and Marty better call with an SOS PDQ.

Is that woman behind Mary’s left shoulder wearing the same dress as LuAnn? If so, there’ll be trouble in the Big Apple tonight.


Wow, Dick Tracy has a daughter who looks nothing like him. Christmas Early looks more like him than his kids, well, the ones I’ve seen. Are they all adopted?