Statue Women United!


Heh! The Supremes might only work this out for California, but California is 11% of the country, so that would at least add 11% to the existing percentage of civilization right thinking people have been able to carve out in our often highly misguided country. Bravo, California. Bravo Boies and Olson (w/the usual reservations about Olson). Bravo bravo bravo bravo.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Full disclosure: Except for being a fan of truth, justice, equality, fairness, love, commitment, progress, tolerance, appreciation, prosperity for all, and the American Way, I don’t have a dog in this fight. I’m not gay, so I’m not planning to get a gay marriage. However, if I ever needed a gay marriage, I’d like to know I could get one. I’d also like to see my gay friends get married, with all the ensuing joys and challenges of married life, like my straight friends It’s the 21st Century, after all.

Further full disclosure: If The Law is going to deny gays civil marriage because it will mess up the Marriage brand or whatever it is, then NO ONE should get a civil marriage: everyone gets a quick and easy license for a civil union or domestic partnership with all the ensuing rights an privileges of what we now know as civil marriage. Leave Marriage in religion; that’s where it belongs anyway. (Yes, I have been thinking about this, thank you for asking.)

March 30, 2013: Also Marriage Equality: Not Now, But Soon?, by David Cole, NY Review Blog, March 30, 2013

Wednesday’s Agony full of woe and smack down

Oh, please, let us have a Mary Worth flashback to when Mary was young and probably looked the same.

Y’know, I just can’t look at A3G’s or MW’s artwork without wishing they’d get an artist like Dick Tracy has now.

I mean, yay! Oh well. I suppose if A3G and MW got artists who can draw action, there might be some action in the strips. Until then, I can only dream.

This is terrifying

This is going viral? Margo looks like she has a virus. I’m either sad or happy Tommi and LuAnn are missing this and will get to hear about it on the evening news since they probably don’t know what the internet is yet.

Oooh, and look at all those people who got spray painted blue in the background. Art without rules! Yeah! What is that color called anyway?

Agony, oh the agony

And all on a Saturday, no less. Well, let’s get with it!

Margo now realizes that when you yield the stage to a bigger diva than yourself, you won’t be in control any longer. Not to worry, I’m sure Margo has event insurance. No? Oh dear.

Yes, Mary muses on Gina’s fate, but realizes she can do nothing in this corporeal form and so goes back to summoning her dark minions from the depths of heck.

Gotta love this new writer on Dick Tracy. Young Dick Tracy’s fiancee has just been kidnapped, he probably has a concussion, but we must have exposition. Oh yes, there must be exposition.