Margo to the rescue… or not


You know I love my Margo, but she’s the last person Tommie needs now that The Love of Tommie’s Life has died in a plane crash. There should be some kind of warning on Apt 3G girls that they can cause death or serious psychological injury. The only guys that seem to escape the Reaper are the ones Lu Ann dates, and not all of them either. Ah well, poor Tommie. And poor us — I thought this might be some clever way to get her out of the strip and get someone more exciting in it, like Edda Burber from 9 Chickweed Lane. But that might be Amos’ death sentence. Oh well, all for art. Or something.

Holy Frank Capra, Batman!

I just figured out what’s going on in 9 Chickweed Lane.



9CL_IHON_20140110I just figured out what’s going on in 9 Chickweed Lane.





I love “It Happened One Night“! Well done, Mr. McEldowney. But kind of a dark and heavy juxtaposition for the usually fluffy 9 Chickweed Lane. Well, anyway, carry on.

Fun fact: I read somewhere that Clark Gable’s Peter Warne character eating carrots was the inspiration for Bugs Bunny. I can see that. Really, I can.

Modern newspaper comics

I won’t even attempt to bring you up to date on the latest 9 Chickweed Lane story, which, by the way, I’m enjoying very much, but I often wonder if kids under 10 or 12 years old are still reading newspaper comics, with or without a parent or guardian. Further, and this is something I also wonder about, how would a parent explain this panel to a little kid?


I mean, what would you say? “Well, there were Nazis and they were bad, and then there weren’t Nazis, and that was good, and… and… And then there was YOU! And you’re a complete miracle! Hey, isn’t it time for school?”