Happy (as possible) New Year

Even Jumpstart is starting…


Clickety-click for bigger-de-big

And, as we careen into 2017, Nov 9, 2016 is still with us, as I suspect it will be for quite a while.

Happy New Year everyone, or as happy as possible.

Context for those who don’t read Jumpstart, one of the sweetest comics I read: Ray Ramsey is an ex-con who was a mugger and considered irredeemable by the police characters in the strip. Officer Joe Cobb, the shocked guy in the last panel, was/is one of those police characters. However, over the past year or more of this comic strip, Ray’s life has slowly been turning around, and it’s been a pleasure to watch. So be shocked, Joe; it’s fun! And, yeah, I was shocked on November 9, too, alas.

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