Don’t do it, sister

Wow, Mary Worth is really bringing the catfishing scam artist heel message right home. Ladies, never ever send money to a man. EVER. Unless it’s an escrow account your brother, who’s a financial genius attorney, has thoroughly vetted. Then… maybe. Also, don’t forget, it’s possible to get scammed in person, just remember that, too. Sometimes marriage is involved; stay sharp.

“They asked me how I knew
“My true love was true
“Oh, I of course replied
“Something here inside cannot be denied
“They said someday you’ll find
“All who love are blind
“Oh, when your heart’s on fire
“You must realize
“Smoke gets in your eyes
“So I chaffed them and I gaily laughed
“To think they could doubt my love
“Yet today my love has flown away
“I am without my love
“Now laughing friends deride
“Tears I can not hide
“Oh, so I smile and say
“When a lovely flame dies
“Smoke gets in your eyes.”
J Kern