Apartment 3G deathwatch: day 5 of 6

Apartment 3G deathwatch because I can’t go through this alone. We’ve got 1 more day of a formerly great soap comic, let’s see how horrible it can get.

Day 5: “So smile, Margo, and move on.” Will these be the words our heroine bestows upon us that we might face the future without fear, regret, or despair? If so, then screw you, Margo. Don’t let the screendoor hit you on the ass on your way out. Bitter? Moi?


Day 4: Finally MARGO! And this is all we get? I’m too numb to be outraged.

Day 3: “Here comes Margo!” God laughs at me and my puny hope that maybe, just maybe, this strip will have a decent ending.

In other strip ending news, Momma (have read) and Lockhorns (dislike) ended today. Thank goodness Comics Curmudgeon is on the job (unlike Shulock and Bolle, alas).

Day 2: Really? They’re wasting time on a wedding no one sane cares about? Really? Oh, ignoble death, blah blah blah.

Day 1: Oh, yeah, this is a really important story arc to crash.

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