Apartment 3G deathwatch: day 3 of 6

Apartment 3G deathwatch because I can’t go through this alone. We’ve got 3 days of a formerly great soap comic, let’s see how horrible it can get.

Day 3: “Here comes Margo!” God laughs at me and my puny hope that maybe, just maybe, this strip will have a decent ending.

In other strip ending news, Momma (have read) and Lockhorns (dislike) ended today. Thank goodness Comics Curmudgeon is on the job (unlike Shulock and Bolle, alas).

Day 2: Really? They’re wasting time on a wedding no one sane cares about? Really? Oh, ignoble death, blah blah blah.

Day 1: Oh, yeah, this is a really important story arc to crash.

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