Maybe there’s a 3rd way

Or even a 4th or 5th way.

But if not, then I vote for the second idea. I think Juliette might be able to get the anger management courses and other therapy she so obviously needs if she went to prison for 20-30 years for killing Amos. It only seems right to me. I’m sure Edda would get over it eventually. I mean, she’ll be raising that baby all alone on ADFC or whatever it’s called now, her ballet career tanked, shunned by everyone, old before her time. So there IS something to look forward to!

1 thought on “Maybe there’s a 3rd way

  1. God, I HATE Brooke McEldowney for what he has done to his strip. Slowly but surely, he has morphed every last one of his whimsical, independent female characters into obedient sexpots incapable of happiness outside of their home or their marriage, and now it looks like his only remaining single female lead, Edda, is going the same route. What a filthy, lecherous, vain old man he is for blatantly and boldly bastardizing his own syndicated strip into a thinly veiled publication of his own personal wet dreams. It’s bad enough that he guards his Wikipedia page like a bulldog deleting any edits regarding (accurate) controversial factoids about his strip within hours, the man has clearly lost his mind.

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