Meow, Toby, MEOW!

Isn’t it bad enough, Tody, that your neighbor is getting catfished and ripped off, but you have to be all “I’m so married” about it? And Mary, your technophobia is showing. Feh. What a pair of shrews in today’s comic. They both have too much time on their hands so should get jobs.

Wow, has this storyline really be going on since February? And he’s only grifted her for $10K? Oh where will it all end?

Sluggy Freelance makes me misty again

Is it wrong to cry a little about a webcomic? I wonder. I hope we see Oasis again; over the years she’s gone from victim to villian to hero to villian and back to hero, where I hope she stays. She’s become an amazing character over the years, and I don’t think I knew how much I liked her until this strip:

Bye, Oasis.

If you’re not reading Sluggy Freelance, you’re missing a treat and a relationship: it is ever more and more awesomer and awesomer. Happy new year, Pete et al. I hope 2019 is everthing you could possibly want it to be or better than that.

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For the love of God, please VOTE very much

Last day for Californians to register to vote. Here’s the online and information for our nation Yay!

I can’t tell you, Doonesbury doesn’t have to tell you…

Let Nike tell you: JUST DO IT.

Please vote for a better world on November 6, 2018.

Thank you.

This has been a Mayerson Service Announcement.

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Yes, I do happen to be a pervert

And now I’m a pervert with a contest! Yay!

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Great trepidation

Testing the crosspost with the new blog header (Dru! from Pibgorn).

Last time I did this it posted over 1K times to the Hackenblog. Does it again, no more crossposting from here, alas.

In which case you will never see this again:

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He’s not worth it

Okay, very quickly, Esme (long hair, sexy dress) the cruise ship singer has been vamping Katie’s husband Derek. Katie is the other soaked woman. As you might have already surmised, they got into a cat fight a few panels ago and Esme fell overboard. Clinging for her life to the rail, Katie took a beat, and then pulled her back in. Esme is doing the only decent thing in promising to veer off Derek, but I think they’ve both realized in this almost fatal encounter of physical death for Esme and spiritual death for Katie that freaking Derek isn’t worth it.

Ah, comics; I love ’em.

Yes, I know it’s been a while since I’ve been here, but it’s been a busy year so far and not letting up any time soon. But there was no way I could let the better than expected ending to kind of a dull storyline go without some kind of tribute. Oh yeah, Mary and Toby are on the same ship somewhere. Probably sleeping and missing the crisis like the sensible women they are. How very boring of them. I’m sure Mary will be bummed she missed a primo chance to meddle in… something.

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